Smart Sense Purchasing and Implementing Technology

There is not an organization today that does not require the use of a multitude of technology products in their daily businesses. And for today’s businesses, there are a plethora of products and solutions available, competing for attention and budget dollars. Educated purchasing is essential to be sure that your technological resources best fit your [...]

A Day in the life of a Healthcare Caseworker with Concierge Care™

Most case workers have a daunting and nearly impossible task with hundreds of cases and precious little time, how can they really be there for each person, especially be there in a moment of truth when they are truly needed? Now they can… We are on a mission to help caseworkers as they are the [...]

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Increasing Patient Adherence through Concierge Care Methodology

When it comes to engagement the plethora of devices and services available can only go so far. It is the human aspect, that 1:1 connection, which allows companies and consumers to begin a valuable dialogue and become integral to each other’s lives. Engagement services should go beyond the basic needs of the consumer and be [...]

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Nine Strategies for Increasing the ROI of Branded Apps

An increased number of consumers are using the mobile web and native apps on their smartphones to research products and make purchases; however, many mobile marketing efforts miss key opportunities to maximize their app ROI. By focusing on consumer-friendly app strategies, companies can increase their ROI, gain insight into consumers’ mobile behavior, and enhance their [...]

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Mobile Social Purchases & Rewards: Demystified

  Wow! I just chaired a meeting of mobile industry executives and even they are confused about the new emerging payments landscape. So, I can only imagine how you can be a “deer in the headlights” if you are a brand, hospitality company, retailer, or bank. This article provides you with a practical introductory business [...]

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Digital to Human Persuasion: Social Monetization

This blog explores the principles behind this conversion and applies them to various areas of consumer spend.  Humans have an intrinsic need and desire to “belong”…to a family, team, and community unit….whether it that means Facebook or a local town club.  My big question is how does your brand get people to “want” to belong [...]

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Digital to Human Persuasion: Reciprocity

The Principle of Reciprocity is one of the few social psychologies that exist in every culture on earth. It has applications in personal interactions and marketing communications especially related to increasing spend, basket size, reducing price sensitivity, and deepening brand affinity; Research has shown the same emotion and behavior change is exhibited in digital to [...]

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