Smart Sense Purchasing and Implementing Technology

There is not an organization today that does not require the use of a multitude of technology products in their daily businesses. And for today’s businesses, there are a plethora of products and solutions available, competing for attention and budget dollars. Educated purchasing is essential to be sure that your technological resources best fit your [...]

Suggested Reading: Talk Is Cheap, Communication Is Priceless.

Better communication is the order of the day. With the constant barrage of information we are hit with, it is time we look at how we can leverage technology to provide better patient care. GoMo Health tackles this head on first by understanding the needs of each specific patient and what a day in their [...]

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We are the Revolution: The Planetree 2015 International Conference on Patient-Centered Care

On October 12th in Boston I attended the Planetree 2015 International Conference on Patient-Centered Care.  Planetree, Inc. is a mission based non-profit organization that partners with healthcare organizations around the world and across the continuum of care to transform how health care is delivered to patients.   Beyond dollars, HCAHP scores, and readmission problems, health [...]

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Suggested Reading: Sports Authority Maintains an Enduring Commitment to Personalized Customer Engagement

Below is a great example of why engagement and personalization is so important to your bottom line.  As a member of an organization that understands in-the-moment engagement and communicating in the way your client, customer, or consumer needs and wants to received that communication, gives our clients the winning edge. There is [...]

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Suggested Reading: How to Improve Your Mobile E-commerce Site’s Traffic

In this day and age, where there are more mobile phones than people, it’s not enough to be mobile savvy. As Abhishek Agarwal mentions in his article, your site must be optimized and there are a few key elements that need to be kept in mind when doing so. The primary element is making the [...]

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Suggested Reading: 10 Articles on Mobile Ordering and Payments

This week we take a look at mobile ordering. The 10 short articles below are from just the last two weeks. While a number of the bigger QSR’s are building these complex, mutli-million dollar platforms, mobile ordering has now also become an affordable option for those growing chains as small as a dozen or so [...]

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Suggested Reading: Vision Statement: How People Really Use Mobile

More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to connect with their world. Organizations are realizing this and recognizing the need to enter the mobile space, but they may not know how to go about it. There are so many products that claim to give your company a technological edge, but unless you understand [...]

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Suggested Reading: Goldman: There Will Be as Much Mobile Commerce in 2018 as E-Commerce in 2013

In this week’s suggested reading the numbers really add up. Last week, Goldman Sachs released their 7-year analysis on where M-commerce will be in 2018, documenting the hundreds of billions of dollars to be made from the rise of M-commerce. It’s time to ask yourself, “How do I get my piece and what do I [...]

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Suggested Reading: MWC 2014: Show Wrapup – Top 5 news stories

This week’s suggestion is a light and quick look at the top 5 stories from this year’s Mobile World Congress presented by Mobile World Live TV. As you will see in the video, technology may be changing, but the one constant is the focus on engagement. […]

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