Logo Guidelines


  • Use the color logo over a white or light colored solid background.
  • Use the reversed/white logo over a darker colored or patterned background.
  • Present logos in a readable size.
  • Maintain empty space equal to at least half the height of the logo on all sides.
  • Link any logo used to gold-group.com if possible.


  • Do not alter the logos (color, proportion, rotation…) without our consent.
  • Do not display these graphics in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by Gold Group Enterprises of your product, service, or business unless granted permission.

The Good

Gold Group Enterprises Logo Usage Guidelines

The Bad

Gold Group Enterprises Logo Usage Guidelines

The Ugly

Gold Group Enterprises Logo Usage Guidelines


Gold Group Enterprises logo, vertical, in color

Vertical logo, in color
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Gold Group Enterprises logo, horizontal, in color

Horizontal logo, in color
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Gold Group Enterprises logo, vertical, reversed

Vertical logo, reversed
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Gold Group Enterprises logo, horizontal, reversed

Horizontal logo, reversed
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Press Information

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Gold Group Founder

Bob Gold
Founder & CEO

Bob is a rare combination of business entrepreneur, strategic visionary, and outstanding communicator. Bob’s successful track record in creating and developing growth companies combined with his specialty focus in sales, marketing and technology, have enabled him to help companies convert their Intellectual Properties’ into thriving businesses throughout his career. As CEO of Gold Group Enterprises, Bob has built an emerging growth business focused on remote patient management and lifestyle engagement, transactions, and rewards; extending enterprise CRM, loyalty, and commerce programs for health care enterprises and Fortune 1000 companies engaging today’s mobile patients and consumers.

Bob is available for commerce, enterprise, and health care-related speaking engagements.

Bob Gold, Founder and CEO of Gold Group Enterprises
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