Project Description

The GoMo Health Concierge Care® Inpatient Satisfaction program was designed to address the non-clinical, non-emergent needs of patients with a “Bedside Concierge” that is accessible through a mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Organizational Goal

To offer a personalized, patient-centered care and experience approach for each patient.

Program Objective

To cater to the non-clinical needs of inpatients in real-time, increasing the opportunity to garner positive patient feedback in the all-important HCAHPS survey, resulting in increased reimbursements.


HUMCPV partnered with GoMo Health and 24K Creative to implement and promote the Concierge Care® Inpatient Satisfaction program. These “in-the-moment” requests are sent directly to the appropriate department for fulfillment, and may include bathroom assistance, ensuring the noise level around the room allows for appropriate patient rest and recovery, pet therapy, clergy assistance and EMR/EHR access.


Steady patient utilization, measuring an increase of up to 10% monthly.

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