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Tea enthusiast, experimental kitchenist, and marketing nut. By day Tanya is the Marketing & Communications Manager for Gold Group Enterprises, which entails everything from designing infographics to supporting sales people to creating marketing collateral – and everything in between. By night she expands her education – reading blogs, teaching herself to code, and keeping up with a variety of trends. Tanya is always on the lookout for the next adventure, whether it be a thoroughly planned out trip to South Korea or an impromptu excursion to a restaurant hosting the latest food craze.

Joint Webinar: The Age of the Customer

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Omnichannel webinar series. Watch all three webinars on demand: https://youtu.be/ac4BIdriXhk?list=PLhAB5KFd5LFbR67pSzgg2E_j5QbIQqs7A Consumer behavior, consumer desires, consumer decision-making, consumer attention—there have never been more ways to influence, engage, and measure retail customers. In-store purchasing is changing day by day, while online and mobile options are critical to how retailers [...]

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ATS Webinar: Supply Chain Strain

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Omnichannel webinar series. Watch all three webinars on demand: https://youtu.be/ac4BIdriXhk?list=PLhAB5KFd5LFbR67pSzgg2E_j5QbIQqs7A The growing adoption of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, is a double-edged sword. While it has provided companies with new ways to connect with their consumers, it also requires these companies to provide a seamless experience across an [...]

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Bob Gold to Lead Session at 2015 Loyalty Expo

Once again the Loyalty Expo is here, and as one of our favorite events we can’t wait to share our experiences and insight on loyalty trends with our fellow market leaders. On Wednesday, April 29th at 9:40 am, CEO Bob Gold will host a Showcase Session detailing how simplified solutions drive participation, enrollment, purchase and [...]

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Gold Mobile is now Gold Group Enterprises

When Gold Mobile was first started, its founders envisioned the company and its mobile engagement platform as a solution for commerce companies looking to connect with their consumers in unique and actionable ways. While that remained at the heart of its mission, Gold Mobile started to grow in different ways. We saw the health care [...]

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Webinar Follow-up: Motivate Action with iBeacons

Thank you to everyone who attended Thursday’s webinar and special thanks to co-presenters Roshan Prakash and Wojtek Borowicz from Estimote who helped us explore the power of iBeacon technology and how these devices can be used to create positive customer experiences in the retail and non-retail industries. We hope that the [...]

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Gold Mobile is launching a FREE Webinar Series

Gold Mobile is excited to announce our new quarterly webinar series. This new series is designed to be an informative, two-way discussion where participants can find out more about the mobile sphere and the great technologies that are enhancing engagement efforts. Each month we will explore a new topic in the commerce [...]

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FREE WEBINAR: Motivate Action with iBeacons

The premier webinar in our newly launched webinar series will focus on the adaptive technology of iBeacons and its ability to provide your customers with engaging experiences that keep them coming back for more. Maybe you’ve heard of iBeacons in passing, but don’t know how they would fit in your business model. Maybe you’ve never [...]

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Jason A. Howie to Lead Showcase Session at the 2014 Engagement & Experience Expo

Join Director of Marketing Jason A. Howie as he explores how mobile engagement programs can interact with every point along the customer lifecycle at the Engagement & Experience Expo November 10th – 12th in Dallas, Texas. […]

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Drew Kearney, Esq. to Lead First Session at 2014 Retail Energy Conference

Gold Mobile Managing Director of Health Business and Policy Drew Kearney has been asked to speak at the 2014 Retail Energy Conference to be held September 16th-18th in Danbury, Connecticut. The three-day conference will provide attendees with insights on growing their businesses and act as a networking opportunity to meet with fellow peers and industry [...]

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