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Bringing Proven “Concierge Care” Patient Recruitment to Pharma 

GoMo Health, a leading provider of population health solutions and patient-centered medication therapies for hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and pharma, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Brand Aid Digital. The agency, based in Boonton, New Jersey, is specialized in online patient recruitment and patient engagement strategies for top pharmaceutical companies.

Brand Aid will now be able to bring the GoMo Health proprietary cognitive and behavioral science, BehaviorialRx™, and Concierge Care® patient engagement system to enable pharmaceutical companies to create a tailored and customized experience to patients considering clinical trial participation. Currently, GoMo Health healthcare clients target more than 20 million patients in the United States; with global deployment engaging consumers and patients in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Says Bob Gold, Chief Executive Officer, GoMo Health, “The partnership between BrandAid and GoMo Health brings pharmaceutical companies a completely turnkey solution for attracting, engaging, and retaining consumers. Pharma companies are seeking innovative methods and solutions for patient recruitment and retention.  The combined team and solution suite can deliver a true competitive advantage by speeding up the time to recruit qualified patients to our life science clients.”

The companies unite to bring a personalized approach to healthcare delivery and clinical research, enabling in the moment interactions, response, and resource delivery to target audiences.  GoMo Health and BrandAid clients include leading hospitals and health systems, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, skilled nursing facilities and government health organizations.



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