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 Best Digital Marketing Program:  GoMo Health Concierge Care® Inpatient Satisfaction Solution

Asbury Park, NJ — 24K Creative, a division of Gold Group Enterprises, is excited to announce the honor of receiving a Gold Award from the Healthcare Marketing Report’s 33rd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards and a silver award from the Hospital Marketing Advertising Awards, both in the best digital marketing program award category.  Additionally, the Hospital Marketing Awards granted 24K Creative an honorable mention for best print campaign.  The awards recognize The GoMo Health Concierge Care® Inpatient Satisfaction solution, launched in conjunction with HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley, an affiliate of Hackensack Meridian Health.

The Healthcare Advertising Awards are the oldest healthcare marketing awards competition in the country, and are sponsored by the Healthcare Marketing Report, the leading national publication covering all aspects of healthcare marketing, advertising and strategic business development.  Awardees are selected based on creativity, quality, message effectiveness, consumer appeal, graphic design and overall impact.

The Hospital Marketing Advertising Awards are coordinated by DTC Perspectives, Inc., the leading conference, training and publishing company for the consumer marketing of hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare products, now in its 3rd year.

The GoMo Health Concierge Care® Inpatient Satisfaction solution is designed to address the non-clinical needs of inpatients during their hospital stay.  Using their mobile device, tablet or laptop, patients can communicate their requests directly to the departments who can service them, offloading the clinical nursing staff from fulfilling requests for (ex) fresh water, extra blankets, warm meals, and light bulb replacements. Once fulfilled, patients complete a brief patient experience survey that provides the hospital with evidence-based data documenting patient satisfaction and positive experience.  The patient-centered program increases satisfaction all around – nurses are able to focus on clinical care of patients, patient satisfaction increases as requests are met in a timelier fashion, and increased positive patient feedback communicated in HCAHPS surveys positions providers for increased reimbursements.

Says Lauren Zaccardi Samman, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley, “The GoMo Health Concierge Care Inpatient Satisfaction solution is a real differentiator for us and our patients, and the team at 24K Creative delivered a promotional campaign for the program that enables our patients to easily understand the benefits of the resource and how to access it.  It’s a perfect fit with our patient-centered, concierge type culture, engaging patients in their moment of need, and giving them direct access to a “Bedside Concierge” that’s there to support them throughout their stay.  Patient and employee satisfaction is on the rise since launching this program, and we’re thrilled to be working with GoMo Health and its sister company, 24K Creative, to launch and promote this wonderful resource.”

The 24K Creative team is excited to add these awards to their two year old agency as well.  “I couldn’t be more proud of this wonderful recognition of our team’s creative and digital development talent”, says Shelley R. Schoenfeld, Managing Director, 24K Creative and Chief Strategist, GoMo Health.  “From program concept and development to design, creation, execution, promotion and measurement, our team showcased their commitment to excellence with this unique, award-winning solution and campaign, and the recognitions from these prestigious healthcare award organizations endorses us as true leaders in our field – and accurately tagged at the intersection of creativity and technology.  Our partnership with HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley affords us the opportunity to work in partnership with their marketing and patient experience teams, and it’s truly their commitment to product innovation, delivering the best patient experience possible and being leaders in patient-centered care that enabled us to launch this program with such great success.  This exciting collaboration between 24K Creative, our sister company, GoMo Health, and HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley is paving the way for a more patient-centered approach to healthcare delivery and improved patient experience, and we’re excited to have created this award-winning solution through our partnership.”

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About 24K Creative

24K Creative is an ever-evolving whirling dervish of innovation and ideas. Experts in digital to human motivation and persuasion, we bring intimacy to technology by leveraging our behavioral expertise to create in-the-moment experiences that stimulate emotional triggers that engender higher response, reciprocity and completed actions.

About GoMo Health

GoMo Health® is a leader in population health management, specializing in designing, implementing, and marketing personalized patient engagement solutions that support the continuum of care and new incentive-based reimbursements.  The cornerstone of GoMo Health Concierge Care® strategy incorporates a proprietary science, Behavioral Rx™, that considers the complex pathway to motivating human response to take a desired action. In partnership with health care organizations nationwide, GoMo Health® delivers a highly scalable and cost-effective solution for the management of high-risk, chronic, and complex wellness issues, enabling better self-care, healthy decision making, and improved outcomes.

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