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iconectiv, a leader in interconnection solutions that help communications service providers and enterprises discover, route, and interact with their customers, has selected the GoMo Platform as the basis of their new enterprise messaging solutions.

Using the GoMo Platform, iconectiv’s enterprise messaging aims to provide a better way for enterprises to engage with all of their customers across multiple channels including application-to-person (A2P), IP-based messaging, SMS, Email, Video and Voice.

“We already had an existing relationship with iconectiv as their message aggregation solution helps the GoMo Platform connect with mobile carriers around the world. They were a natural fit as a partner,” says Gold Group Enterprises CEO Bob Gold. “I think they’re a great choice, our focus is to drive clients and business through the iconectiv partnership channel.”

The new enterprise messaging solution leverages iconectiv’s unprecedented experience in network interconnection and the power of engagement through the GoMo Platform to offer the ability to strengthen brands, deliver valuable information or special offers, generate new revenue streams from mobile transactions, and gain better insight into consumer behavior.

Using GoMo’s omni-channel communication platform’s capabilities, iconectiv’s enterprise messaging solution provides targeted marketing capabilities for all industry verticals including logistics providers, retailers, travel, hospitality, consumer packaged goods, restaurants, financial institutions, and health care providers. The solution also includes social media overlays with support for email, Apple iMessage, and Google Messenger.

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