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Mobile engagement continues to be on the rise. Over 85% of surveyed shoppers have reported that their m-commerce (mobile commerce) habits have increased or remained steady since last year, with 15% claiming mobile purchases have “increased significantly”.

While shoppers still prefer the in-store experience, a huge majority say they use their smartphones in stores for price comparisons, product information, and reviews. If your marketing strategy doesn’t include mobile engagement to enhance the in-store experience, you may be missing out on major m-commerce revenue and the opportunity to create loyal, returning customers.

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Survey: 90 Percent Of Retail Shoppers Use Smartphones In Stores

Consumers want in-store deals and loyalty programs from merchants.

Source: Marketing Land

Mobile loyalty company SessionM recently surveyed 12,000 randomly selected US smartphone users about their mobile shopping behaviors. The company found that 85 percent of respondents said their m-commerce buying was steady or had increased versus a year ago.

While roughly 15 percent said mobile buying had increased “significantly,” personal data security and/or poor user experiences (e.g., product images too small) were cited as barriers to the further growth of mobile e-commerce.

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