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Our 24K Creative division had the pleasure of attending the 29th Annual New Jersey Sandcastle Contest this past Wednesday in Belmar. Despite the weather not cooperating, 24K and had a great time showcasing “Rigamajig”, a new large-scale building kit conceived for hands-on free play and learning!

Off to an early start

NJ Belmar Sandcastle Contest 2015









Many contestants we’re off to an early start as we arrived to set up our play area.

Contests and prizes

Visitors could win a Kaboom Play Pack!Gold Group Rigamajig Tent

















Visitors were asked to text in to win a Rigamajig play pack and to learn more about purchasing a Rigamajig.

Have fun while learning










Kids had a blast creating their own beach-themed “Rigamajigs” based off of simple play prompts like “Build a Rigamajig that can demolish a sandcastle” or “Build a Rigamajig that looks like a sea creature”. With no right or wrong answer, children were able to use wooden planks, nuts, bolts, pulleys, ropes and more to encourage curiosity through playing.

What can you Rigamajig?

What can you Rigamajig?









The kids got very creative! We are glad to have been a part of this great event.

For more information on Rigamajig, visit or their parent company Kaboom.

If you are interested in purchasing a Rigamajig, fill out the form below or contact to learn how.


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