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Gold Group Enterprises is a unique mash-up of nerdy system architects, restless creatives, e-commerce experts, and health care nuts. We live at the intersection of technology and creativity, focused on intuitive solutions that improve consumer experiences. Quite simply, we bring humanity to technology.

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Our Divisions & Platform

Gold Group Enterprises is comprised of three divisions that work together seamlessly across various mediums and often, state lines. The GoMo Platform can be used across all of our divisions and solutions to enhance consumer engagement and transactions.

Enterprise Solutions

These are the workers in the engine room. Our Enterprise Solutions division creates the customized platforms upon which our software solutions hum. They approach every project with the goal of creating unique user experiences that build and benefit the consumer’s relationship with your brand.

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24K Creative Media

24K Creative Media is the advertising and marketing arm of Gold Group. We are an ever-evolving whirling dervish of innovation and ideas spun strategically in-control and primed to take you on a wildly successful ride. We create campaigns that work across multiple mediums, including the watercooler.

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GoMo Health

GoMo Health is the grown-up, tackling real issues in the health care industry. Our track record is proven by the fact that we partner with some of the leading names in the industry to bolster compliance, reduce unnecessary and costly hospital visits, and boost bottom lines for hospitals, health plans, and providers across the country.

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This team focuses on simplifying the complex. They’re known for asking questions, challenging the norm, and never accepting “good job” as a sign of success. Leveraging an A/B approach to engagement, transactions, and rewards, they reduce the number of steps consumers must take in achieving your goals.

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Enterprise Solutions

End-to-end customization hooks up with big picture planning and hands-on app experience via our Enterprise Solutions division. With a surplus of digital marketing expertise, this full boutique service incorporates a wide range of tools, including product and service ideation, design, and production. Our strategists are schooled in custom warranty and service solutions, complex database design and architecture, and logistics planning, including claims processing systems.

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24K Creative Media

We wanted to expand our capabilities and offer our clients full-service marketing, so we went and got ourselves an ad agency. 24K is our in-house creative and media division. Focused on attracting and retaining consumer attention, 24K keeps the consumer engaged with your brand, making sure your product or service is top-of-mind, and sometimes even palm-of-hand.

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Commerce and Engagement

Gold Group’s roots dig deep into commerce & engagement solutions. Our scalable, cloud-based GoMo platform and dedicated team of engagement experts can help simplify transactions and connect with your audience in-the-moment to help consumers make faster decisions, and ultimately more purchases. Enhance and enrich your marketing efforts with device-agnostic campaigns that deliver content effectively, improve the brand experience, and encourage interaction.

Connect with consumers when it matters most. Our engagement solutions allow you to create enticing, micro-targeted communications which can extend across the entire consumer lifecycle. Enhance your marketing efforts using text and email messaging to deploy discount offers, sweepstakes, surveys, and regimens, all without the need to worry about app downloads or the device your consumer is using.
Take your consumer’s orders before they even step into your store. Deployable through web, mobile app, or text message (SMS), our simplified transaction solutions help reduce wait time and encourage repeat business. Offer your consumers a complete shopping experience by enabling them to pay for items from a prepaid account or through pay-as-you-go methods.
You don’t have to be a big brand to develop a top-notch loyalty and rewards program that reduces transaction costs and creates a captive audience with cash on hand. Capitalize on and improve consumer loyalty by rewarding them for both their continued interactions and transactions. Our rewards programs and solutions can be customized with discounts, coupons, offers, or point-systems.

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GoMo Health

GoMo Health™ and its Concierge Care™ solution strengthen health care organizations’ abilities to provide better, more cost-effective care for those with high-risk, chronic, and complex wellness issues. Using targeted engagement and human responsive technology, Concierge Care offers full service implementations – designed, deployed, and marketed under one roof – to help health care professionals connect with patients and members at every point along the continuum of care.

Core Values


Human Responsive

Even the latest and greatest technology, when used alone, cannot persuade a population to be engaged. Effective engagement relies on crafting an experience that’s tailored to the individual – from providing relevant content to delivering it in a way that’s familiar to the recipient. GoMo Health is committed to designing responsive, actionable technology that focuses on the person, not the device, for a uniquely personalized experience.


Always Improving

We are continuously improving our Concierge Care methodology and algorithms. Using our GoMo Health platform, health care professionals can collect population information such as behavioral characteristics, outlook, day-to-day lifestyle, and medical conditions to provide a personalized engagement experience. Integrate our API with your EMR or EHR system for improved program effectiveness.


Personalized Communications

No one wants to be treated like one in a group of many. Throw those cookie cutter messages away and start engaging your members and patients in a way that’s customized to their condition and care situation. Concierge Care reinforces and mimics the voice of the HCP, personalizing communications to motivate patients to act in-the-moment, saving health care professionals time and enabling them to scale quality services to more people.

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Some of Our Clients

Our four divisions work seamlessly together to create strategy-based, multi-disciplined campaigns that hit consumers right where they live, oftentimes on their phones. We use every weapon in our arsenal to get the word out. But don’t just take our word for it – just look at what our clients have to say about us.

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“Bob has put a team of professional programmers together, that I have found, to be unparalleled in the programming world. With such a highly professional and competent team, there is no need to deal with the hassles overseas. I would have saved a lot of money and time if I started with Bob from the get go. Bob is a seasoned professional and a man of his word. Bob and his team get the job done, on time and right.”
“As a managed care organization focused on low income and vulnerable populations in Upstate New York, GoMo Health Concierge Care has helped us develop personalized messaging campaigns that are driven by members’ health activity. In our initial project we found that personalized messaging accelerated preventative healthcare adoption in specific groups, underscoring the importance of data-driven targeted messaging, rather shotgun campaigns”
“We found that Gold Mobile [Group] has been able to help us and guide us to take the experience that you get in our bakery and translate it into a new media experience that has a lot of the same touchstones that we’re trying to get across.”
“The Trenton Health Team has been working hard to encourage healthy living and to improve the quality of life of those most in need. Incorporating Concierge Care into our pilot program was a clear choice because the platform connects with people in-the-moment, as they are dealing with their health problems, and uses its behavioral approach to empower healthy changes.”
“The GoMo Health Platform is an essential and growing component to our overall member engagement strategy and saves us up to 66% in actual communications costs versus current methods we use today.”
“GoMo Health assists us in a significant way by offloading and automating communications that routinely bog down our nurse case managers and service coordination team. This allows us to cost effectively deliver case management interventions to all of our members at the most appropriate level without compromising quality. Our clinical staff can better focus on high-priority cases and achieving desired results.”

Our Work

Who We Are

Founded in 2004, Gold Group Enterprises has continually led the way in behavioral technology research and development for the field of digital-to-human persuasion and motivation. With a focus on the potential of new and emerging mobile communications technologies, Gold Group develops solutions designed to better engage, transact, and reward consumers in-the-moment.

Mission & Vision

To grab the consumer’s attention and keep them engaged with your brand via strategic and innovative solutions that work across multiple platforms.

Current Openings

Gold Group Enterprises is one of the fastest growing companies operating in the business solutions arena. We’re looking for talented technical, commercial, and creative individuals to join our team and help us provide cost-effective solutions for our partners.

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